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The Don Preston Interview

In 2002, I had great joy in working with the legendary Johnny Holliday and helping him write his autobiography. This section of the website is devoted to Johnny.

“You think Johnny Holliday is a great sportscaster? You should've seen him on the court, as a blazing point guard on various radio station basketball teams. And you should've heard Johnny as a rapid-fire DJ, spinning stacks of hot wax at topflight Top 40 stations, from San Francisco to New York City. Stephen Moore slows him down just enough to tell you Johnny's amazing story."

-- Ben Fong-Torres, Author, "The Hits Just Keep On Coming.” (Backbeat Books)

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Johnny Holliday:From Rock to Jock
by Johnny Holliday with Stephen Moore/



 " I guess I haven't had any great sense of myself as history because as I lived my life, that was enough for me.
   But it is good to know what the past has been: that enables you to enjoy the present. Therefore I appreciate this assembly of such a host of names of my fellow players and such a grand recording of past events. The memories rush back! I appreciate the research effort which went into this volume which will remind me of so much I had forgotten in my long and overcrowded life. Donn Murphy and Stephen Moore remember more about me than I do, I can tell you that! This project has been a delight to me. But the best part was living it, and for that I give thanks!"

Helen Hayes
Nyack, New York
October 10, 1991

Don Preston Interview